The Newborn Kitten Photoshoot I Did With A Rescue Kitten That Rescued My Sister!

Everyone! My sister got a kitten! After a tragic encounter last summer with the roommates dog, her loving cat of 8 years unfortunately passed away. Since our whole family are huge pet-lovers, it was a hard time for all of us. Enter Calypso, the 6-week old rescue kitten!

As a professional photographer who often shoots weddings, couples and lifestyle sessions – this was so much fun and a great way to welcome the new little bundle into the famjam!! I just know she will help rescue my sisters heart!

Meet Calypso, the 6 week-old rescue kitten!

You could say she was pretty shy when we first met

Being a farm kitten, she didn’t even know what toys (or toes!) were

And yarn was a totally foreign (read: HUMONGOUS) object to her

But it didn’t take long for her to clue in to the games!

Or to start destroying everything…

But once we finally got her settled and comfortable

She got ready for the probably cutest nap in history!

Yup. You could say it’s true love.

Or even the purfect match…

Welcome to the family little Calypso! We love you already


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